Welcome IVR with interactive menu    
Let your system answer the call and offer callers a menu to guide them to the right extension for service.    
Personalized schedule    
According to your needs it is possible to have different behavior according to a specific schedule    
Advanced Voicemail    
User voicemail can also be sent to email with the recordings attached    
Custom Hold message    
Instead of music why not record your own advertizing message ?    
Follow me    
Often on the road ? Let a call rings at your office 3 times and then a voice tells the caller that the system is searching the person you want to reach. while it rings on your cell or at the a collegue's phone.    
3 way conference    
But on certain phone we can go up to 5 way conferencing    
Calls on hold    
Each phone can received up to 6 calls at the same time. Switching from to another puts the callers on hold.    
Automatic dialing    
Check your call history or your contact and presse the call button    
DND Do Not Disturb    
It says it all. Falls automaticly on your voicemail    
Call forwarding    
Call forwarding according to three scenarios, unconditionnal, on no answer or on busy tone    
Call park    
On older system, now being replaced by the on hold system    
Blind call transfer    
Transfert to another extension, a external number or a voicemail    
Attended call transfer    
Monitors the process of transfering the call    
Call barging    
Allows you to grab a collegue call from your extension    
Distant and local agents    
VoIP technology allows for multisite integration and deployment    
Extension deployment    
Move you phone around in the same subnet    
Install a softphone on a tablet, a cell phone or a computer for better productivity and receive all the calls    
You can send a message to all through the intercom service    
CID route    
Possibility to automaticly direct a caller to a certain destination through his caller ÌD    
Caller ID on call waiting    
Let you choose you will be attended next    
Calls control and stats    
From your computer have full stats on the use of your PBX phone system    
Remote management    
All the ajustement and configuration can be done on the fly remotely by us.    
Full report    
Through a web interface, get all the records    
Individual login on web interface    
Users can managed their preferences on a personnalized web console. Follow me, voicemail and more    
Call routing    
System automaticly finds the best inbound and outbound route for better results    
Virtual Fax    
Fax 2 email and fax sending through the PBX web interface    
Call center agents    
Call center feature. Waiting for the next agent to be available    
Call recordings    
Let you decide if your want to record all the calls, calls on the fly or locally on a USB drive directly on your phone.    
Conference room    
Invite a bunch of people to joint a conference chat at a precise time.